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HTTP Status Codes 401 Unauthorized and 403 Forbidden for Authentication and Authorization (and OAuth)

When a client requests a resource from an HTTP server and it’s not allowed to access that resource, the client needs to know enough about why in order to present the right message or options to the user. Basically, we … Continue reading

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Logging Levels

Trace/Verbose Use this logging level to help you develop or find bugs in something you’re currently working on, and when the information being logged is not useful once the current task is done. So, trace logging should usually be removed … Continue reading

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A system for getting the most out of “TODO” comments in code

Annotating code with “TODO” can help remind us what code needs attention. It’s easy, however, for them to build up, get out of hand, and no longer be useful. Below is a system I came up with to keep TODOs … Continue reading

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Fixing the Google Android USB driver to work with the NOOK Color ADB on Windows

Symptoms When attaching a Barnes & Noble NOOK Color to a Windows computer for app development, Windows is not able to automatically install a device driver that allows ADB to communicate with the NOOK Color. You may see a message … Continue reading

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