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  • I build websites (find out about some of the work I’ve done at: LinkedIn)
  • I share my thoughts on technology (this blog, and my wiki).
  • I take OK pictures. (Flickr)

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  1. Eric Olson says:

    Mr. LaThanh:

    I am trying to “relocate” a file (not a folder) from Drive X to Drive C on my computer so that a program that must read and write to the file on Drive X will actually be reading and writing to a file on Drive C. Will Winbolic Link accomplish this?

    I appreciate your assistance.

    – Eric Olson

  2. gregory battaglia says:

    Regarding this thread https://robertlathanh.com/2009/08/beware-of-dvi-i-cables-they-are-not-compatible-with-dvi-d-devices/ , isn’t it one of those perverted aspects of the electronics industry’s technical standards associations where the DVI governing body actually went out its way to make DVI-I cables physically incompatible with DVI-D connectors-thereby insuring that >>85% of such cables ended up in landfills? admin@ddwg.org Like there isn’t enough electronics trash that will never get
    efficiently recycled.

    I have a 10 or 12 ft DVI-I cable that I finally thought I could use for between my old
    Dell desktop and a far more recent HP monitor. Thanks to the above eco-idiots probably not.

    I don’t have any power tools like a dremel drill to file down the 4 analog pins.
    Is it actually possible to get a straight pull on each of those pins and pull each of them out with needle nose pliers-or breaking them off?

    But even so that flat pin is too thick to mate with the connector’s horizontal slot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface#Connector
    And I can’t see how I could shear off enough of it to allow the digital pins to mate with the connector.

    But if I can pull out all four analog pins would there be enough room inside the cable
    to then bend the flat pin up or down so it will be clear of the slot?

    OR instead just keep bending the flat pin up and down until it snaps off?

    Please advise.

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