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This is my personal wiki where I share thoughts and information that changes relatively often.

These topics have their home here

Open Personal Portable Lifetime Store

"Perpolis", is an idea for a set of standards that gives you ownership of and puts you in control of your own data -- whether it's your blog posts, status updates, emails, SMS messages, IM conversations, photos, bookmarks, address book, calendar, to-do lists, medical records, product reviews, or location/travel history -- while allowing you to easily access it and use it everywhere (e.g., your computer, your phone, your Facebook account, your Flickr account, and your Picasa account).

There is a significant emphasis on unifying all of the different ways you communicate with people: Unified Messaging System.

API Round-trip Reduction

The server-assisted round-trip-reducing aggregation format, which allows the client to direct a server to determine the other objects that the client will need, fetch those, aggregate everything, and provide it all to the client in one response.