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Two Subnetworks on One LAN, and Linux arp_filter

It’s a rare situation in a small networking environment that having two subnetworks on one broadcast domain can be an issue. I would normally avoid such a scenario (and it’s usually easy to do so) but I recently got AT&T’s … Continue reading

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Beware of DVI-I Cables (they are Not Compatible with DVI-D Devices)

I recently moved my flat-panel displays further away from my computer, but the DVI cables they came with weren’t long enough to connect the displays to the computer in their new location. So, I ordered some longer DVI cables from … Continue reading

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AT&T U-verse — A Network Geek’s Perspective

I just got AT&T U-verse, which delivers Internet, TV (IPTV), and phone (VOIP) service to the home; all this over one pair of copper from the VRAD. My upgrades to the service include HD TV, DVR, and a static IP … Continue reading

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