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HTTP Status Codes 401 Unauthorized and 403 Forbidden for Authentication and Authorization (and OAuth)

When a client requests a resource from an HTTP server and it’s not allowed to access that resource, the client needs to know enough about why in order to present the right message or options to the user. Basically, we … Continue reading

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OpenVPN over DSL with PPPoE

I work remotely and use OpenVPN to access development services such as SVN and our file server, both of which are at our colocation facility. While at a new location, I first encountered a problem trying to do any SVN … Continue reading

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Two Subnetworks on One LAN, and Linux arp_filter

It’s a rare situation in a small networking environment that having two subnetworks on one broadcast domain can be an issue. I would normally avoid such a scenario (and it’s usually easy to do so) but I recently got AT&T’s … Continue reading

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AT&T U-verse — A Network Geek’s Perspective

I just got AT&T U-verse, which delivers Internet, TV (IPTV), and phone (VOIP) service to the home; all this over one pair of copper from the VRAD. My upgrades to the service include HD TV, DVR, and a static IP … Continue reading

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