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Error 1327 “Invalid Drive” while installing or updating applications in Windows

Symptoms When trying to install or update an application, you receive an error message similar to the following: Error 1327. Invalid Drive: Z: I’ve encountered this error installing Google Earth and another application, and it also apparently happens with many … Continue reading

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AT&T U-verse for the Curious Consumer – The Residential Gateway and Wiring Options

AT&T U-verse is an Internet, TV (IPTV), and phone (VOIP) service delivered primarily by fiber and existing copper. This article is targeted at consumers who would like a little bit of light shed on the in-home hardware (what it does, … Continue reading

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bebooper [bee-boo-per]: beep + boop + computer -noun Those things in movies that look like computers, but beep or boop every time something is clicked on, whir whenever there’s a progress bar, or ever show an “ACCESS DENIED” message in … Continue reading

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View Your Google Apps Calendar in Outlook 2007/2010

Microsoft Outlook (2007 and 2010) and Google calendar both support the iCalendar format, which means you can view your Google calendars in Outlook. This is great if you, for example, want to be able to see your Google Apps personal … Continue reading

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s3nukem – Delete large Amazon S3 buckets

s3nukem is a slightly improved version of s3nuke, a Ruby script by Steve Eley that relatively quickly deletes an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket with many objects (millions) by using multiple threads to retrieve and delete … Continue reading

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WREST (Website REST)

WREST [rest] = Website + REST -noun A RESTful API service that is made available to its own website. The distinguishing behavior from a regular RESTful API is that calls coming from the client are identified the same way as … Continue reading

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haircro [hair-kroh]: hair + Velcro -noun When hair is cut very short (using, say, #2 on clippers), the hair holds hoodie hoods on like it’s Velcro — but it’s hair! 

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Two Subnetworks on One LAN, and Linux arp_filter

It’s a rare situation in a small networking environment that having two subnetworks on one broadcast domain can be an issue. I would normally avoid such a scenario (and it’s usually easy to do so) but I recently got AT&T’s … Continue reading

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Beware of DVI-I Cables (they are Not Compatible with DVI-D Devices)

I recently moved my flat-panel displays further away from my computer, but the DVI cables they came with weren’t long enough to connect the displays to the computer in their new location. So, I ordered some longer DVI cables from … Continue reading

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AT&T U-verse — A Network Geek’s Perspective

I just got AT&T U-verse, which delivers Internet, TV (IPTV), and phone (VOIP) service to the home; all this over one pair of copper from the VRAD. My upgrades to the service include HD TV, DVR, and a static IP … Continue reading

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